About ClipDifferent™ the automatic electric nail clipper

About ClipDifferent, we see challenges as an opportunity to create change through inspirational ideas, embracing differences, and empowering others to overcome challenges. We develop unique and intuitive products that will help make your life easier, no matter your physical limitations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident from the years focused on getting products “right” before introducing them to you. At ClipDifferentwe care about the people who use our products and give back to our trusted resources, community and those in need.

Where it all Began, A Note from the Founder:

Tom has always had a soft heart and an eye open for those who need it. Tom learned at an early age when his sister was born with polio what it meant to care and put others first. That served as a benchmark for him for the rest of his life. His wife of 40 years, Trudy, had progressive health issues and Tom always looked for ways to make her life easier. He learned that some of the most simple daily tasks are nearly impossible when you have physical challenges. His sense of purpose and deep-rooted devotion to others has been his driving force and inspiration in the journey in developing ClipDifferent™.

Our Culture

ClipDifferent™ is the result of our unwavering commitment to excellence. We have many products which will help make life easier for people. Our team cares about the people who use our products or who recommend them to others. We give back to our trusted resources, community and those in need.

Delivering a great customer experience that is easy and convenient for you.

We provide outstanding products, and incredible customer service, that together, delivers superior customer value and experiences.

Caring for people and having a genuine desire to help.


Leading with transparency and operating in an ethical, honest, and genuine way.

We honor and respect the citizens in our communities in which we live and work.

Helping people to embrace new ways of thinking and doing.

We choose to have fun in our workplace and with everyone we meet. Bring on the smiles!

The ClipDifferent Vision

To create products that make people’s lives better while giving back to our our trusted resources, community and those in need. Improving people’s lives by delivering quality products that help make daily tasks easier while giving back to our trusted resources, community and those in need.