Accidentally Accessible Features ClipDifferent as Must Have Product

Product Review:
This safety nail trimmer is easy to use and does a good job, once you get the motion down.

The slot for the blade is larger than the actual cutting area which is on the far right side so you need to turn your fingers a bit to get an even cut. It took a few fingers to get the feel for it but by the time I was done both hands, I was able to get a pretty respectable cut. I still need an emery board to smooth off the tiny ends and shape a bit, but the trimming part was a breeze.

The scissor action cutting process itself is smooth and even resulting in a cut that feels gentler than using snap type clippers and it’s small and lightweight enough to pick up and move it around if you need to.

I like it and I’m sure the next time, my nails will look even better.

Accidentally Accessible showcases mainstream products and services with adaptive uses that were not specifically designed for disabled consumers. The print version is a standalone publication and is included as a featured supplement in other disabled oriented titles. Accidentally Accessible is available by subscription and is distributed at disability related shows, expos and events.

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