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We’re a small family-owned business in Minnesota that creates innovative products that bring independence and confidence to people’s lives.

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Innovations for Independence – Assistive Technology Expo

Assistive Technology Expo

How do you clip your fingernails? Unless you, someone dear to you, or clients you work with experience the challenges first-hand (pun intended) it’s not a question asked very often.

You are invited to try the ClipDifferent Pro automatic fingernail clipper at the Assistive Technology Show on Saturday at the Heintz Center in Rochester, Minnesota. The ClipDifferent booth can be found in the Heintz Commons and we’ll post the location on facebook & twitter Saturday morning. There you will find two friendly faces to answer questions, material to take with you, videos to watch, two assistive devices ready to trim your fingernails, and units to purchase…so grow those nails until then.

From Arc’s Website:

The Arc Assistive Technology Expo is a multi-event showcase of new, existing and emerging assistive technology products, services, and information. This event is designed to help people with disabilities live full and satisfying lives as valued and engaged members of our community.It is free and open to the public.  

This year’s theme is “Innovations for Independence.” Attractions will include exhibits, expert panel discussions, and the Assistive Technology Challenge.
The Assistive Technology Challenge is an opportunity to pitch ideas to help address barriers to employment, the direct support workforce crisis, the development of social skills, and public infrastructure challenges.  

Show Schedule, November 3 

Assistive Technology Expo Schedule

Sharing the Pro story with those who could benefit is appreciated and makes the community more independent.

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