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We’re a small family-owned business in Minnesota that creates innovative products that bring independence and confidence to people’s lives.

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Automatic Fingernail Clipper for Care Facilities

Doing better together in healthcare communities and care facilities

Empowering people to do their own self care is a BIG DEAL. Whether you are a medical clinic, senior living facility, hospital, or foundation, ClipDifferent can offer your community a solution that will make a difference! Nail grooming is one of the activities of daily living that requires continued attention and support. We’re proud to offer the world’s first assistive fingernail clipper that helps your patients, residents, loved ones, and community.

Customer Reviews

Skylar B.
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

We really enjoy this thing! My husband wanted to buy this and the child one and they both are amazing, do much better than I was expecting 💓

5 hours ago
Bella Sharp-Collins
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

I have not received my order

3 days ago
Steve Turska
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

Works great some people say it’s loud but I don’t think so
Not as loud as electric shaver and does a great job on my dads nails

2 months ago
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

Good for on the go. Just need a water bottle on hand.

3 months ago
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

It works nice. It does the job.

3 months ago
Owen Huw Foster Roberts
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

I have MS and hand dexterity/clawing – and I finally managed to cut my own nails after several years having to ask for help/someone else to do it. Thank you!

4 months ago

Amazing savings for OT/PT professionals

Lil Nipper makes managing fingernail care easier for everyone in the healthcare community. You may receive a premium discounted rate if you’re purchasing Lil Nipper in larger quantities. Also, you may receive free demo units and brochures to share with your patients.  

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Elderly person easliy clipping their nails with Lil Nipper. See how it works.

Putting “assist” in assistive device

Lil Nipper is the perfect solution for those in assisted living or living in isolation. Our state-of-the-art rechargeable fingernail clipper offers a simple, easy to use design that instills joy, confidence, and independence.

Lil Nipper is helpful if you or if you know someone who has limited hand strength, dexterity, or coordination.

Real people, real stories

See what people are saying about the world’s best automatic fingernail clipper.

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