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Clipping Nails After a Stroke: Adapting to a New Life

Brain and Heart. Clipping nails after a stroke

Life After a Stroke

Life after a stroke involves adjustments unique to each person’s circumstances. Most survivors experience some change in how they manage their fingernails. If this is you, a loved one, or you’re a care provider – welcome. ClipDifferent is a resource designed specifically to simplify and give ease to independent nail care.
A stroke happens when the brain cannot get the blood or oxygen it needs and are the leading cause of disability in the United States. Every 40 seconds a person experiences one. Expert knowledge and care is critical for prevention and recovery. The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association (AHA/ASA) provides a network of invaluable resource in both phases.
One area highlighted on AHA/ASA is Tips for Daily Living (ADL) packed with videos, support, how-to’s, a guide, and so much more!
“A stroke can make everyday activities challenging. These challenges may be due to a number of stroke-related conditions, such as limb weakness, numbness or paralysis, communication challenges, vision challenges and one-side neglect challenges. This library includes tips and ideas from stroke survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals all over the country who’ve created or discovered adaptive and often innovative ways to get things done!”
Survivors often experienced a level of difficulty trimming nails on their “strong” hand because they can’t hold a clipper in their “weak” hand. The adjustment is unique to each individual. ClipDifferent is the perfect solution. At the touch of a button, A ClipDifferent Pro or Lil Nipper automatically trims nails on each finger individually.
  1. Press Power Switch to ON
  2. Insert the tip of the fingernail to the desired length you’d like to be trimmed
  3. Turn finger slightly to round off the rest of the nail edge to ensure a smooth, snag-free finish
  4. Empty nail clippings from the drawer or compartment

Two specific nail trimming examples on the AHA/ASA website show how, through trial and error, people find solutions. The top video under Daily Activities Tips, and photos with a description in the Stroke Connection Newsletter. The video shows a gentleman maneuvering to clipping his nails as the clipper slides around and loses control after pressing. He mentions and demonstrates the challenge is when he uses his “weaker” hand, “it just doesn’t do it.”

“From the first time I used ClipDifferent, I inserted my index fingernail in, and said – I want one, where can I get it?”


James, 69, had six strokes in a little over a one-year time frame between 2016-2017. His right arm was left mostly paralyzed and slowly through physical therapy and Classical Stretch (on PBS), has gained slight use back. For him, inflammation was a limiter and by removing dairy, he’s noticed a remarkable improvement. His determination and lifestyle changes are impressive.
“I’d like to remain as independent for as long as possible”
For nail care, James depended on his daughter, care professionals, or asked neighbors for help. He was left frustrated after trying almost every gadget and contraption and “none of them worked.” The ClipDifferent Pro solved one frustration and gave him independence.
“If you can’t manage your life, what do you do? Where do you go? Assisted living or have in-home health care. ClipDifferent is just a little way to manage your independence”


– Trims nails in seconds with a simple touch of a button

Safe – Precisely engineered for fingernails

Gentle – Nails are left smooth with no need to file

No Mess – Clippings are captured in an easy-to-empty drawer

Rechargeable – A quick charge is good for months of uses

Non-Slip Base – Rests securely on any level surface

Portable – Weighs only 14 ounces and measures 3″ x 5″

Built-to-Last – The result of expert engineering


“What can I say, dignity restored! The unit works like a treat. If anything, I got spasticity (my fingers flex severely) in my affected hand which makes it a bit effortful sliding my fingers into the cutting slot. I personally brand the product ClipAbility.” – Giao

ClipDifferent is here as a resource. Please reach out with questions or comments, and we’ll assist where we can. or (612) 444-1339
iPeace, ClipDifferent Team

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