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Cooper The Rock Star! – Elevating Abilities with ClipDifferent

Rock Star Cooper giving thumbs up after using clipdifferent pro

Meet Cooper. He is ClipDifferent’s kind of Rock Star. 

Before ClipDifferent he had fear about getting his nails clipped because sometimes his skin was cut – that hurts and isn’t fun. Cooper’s solution was nail-biting and often resulted in the skin around his nails getting ripped and bloody – that also hurts.

Then he was introduced to ClipDifferent at a booth while visiting the Innovation for Independence show in Rochester, MN. His parents walked passed and were intrigued by the “automatic fingernail clipper” and asked if Cooper wanted to try clipping his fingernails. Cooper inserted his nails into the nail slot and trimmed his fingernails without recognizing much had really taken place. When he saw the drawer full of nail clippings his face lit up in surprise because it didn’t hurt. 

A note from his mom & dad:

A little of Cooper’s story Ataxia Cerebral Palsy – mixed tone.

So lots of therapy. Small muscles are still hard. So controlling his hands to clip nails can be hard for him. He usually hurts himself cutting his finger. The other thing he did was bite them off again hurting his skin because the way he would rip the nails off. The third thing was I would try and help and he would resist me, even at 17 years old. When he was younger I would clip 1 or maybe 2 when he would sleep with a flashlight.

Thanks so much. Maria

Here is Cooper trimming his fingernails while watching TV. 

You inspire us, Cooper! Thank you for sharing your story with the ClipDifferent Community!

ClipDifferent by Lil Nipper ~ The World's First Manufacturer of Adaptive Automatic Electric Fingernail Clippers

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