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ClipDifferent is a medical supply company that strives to provide individuals from all walks of life with products for better experiences. As our way of life has changed dramatically due to COVID-19, ClipDifferent is leading the charge to help folks the best we can. With that in mind, we now offer protective masks and hand sanitizer that can be shipped directly to you.

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is used every day by healthcare professionals to protect themselves and their patients when providing care. These products provide a barrier from potentially infections patients and materials, toxic medicines, and other dangerous substances. Healthcare workers rely on these barriers to allow them to do their life-saving work without being concerned for their own safety.

 The ClipDifferent family will continue to work towards providing the products that make life easier. Be sure to read up on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and take care of one another. You can order below from the website and bulk ordering is available. Please reach out with questions or comments; we are always here to help. Email us at or call (612) 444-1339. 

Clyraguard Personal Protection Spray Extremely High Antimicrobial Efficacy 99.999% against virus, bacteria and fungi from Clipdifferent.

4oz Bottle – 12 bottles per case





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500 ml (16.9 oz) Pump Bottle – 24 bottles per case
1 Liter (34 oz) Pump Bottle – 15 bottles per case


Hand Sanitizer 75% Alcohol



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They are available in boxes of 10 & 50 or cases of 1,500. Can be purchased in larger bulk order sizes.

Level 2 Earloop Procedure Masks



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