Cutting Fingernails One Handed is an Interesting Task

“I was just born with one hand,” said Jessica Willson with pride. To say she has adjusted well feels like a disservice because her life is so full: coaching and playing volleyball, basketball, softball, influencing young minds as a teacher, and many activities with friends & family. When Jessica enters a room her vibrant energy is felt instantly. Normal and thriving.

Jessica shares a congenital condition with over 200k people in the US where they are born with a partial limb. One common trait amongst them is, like Jessica, they thrive. Many find community online through various groups like the Lucky Fin Project and Born Just Right.

“Cutting fingernails is an interesting task for me”

“Using the Pro was really quick and left my nails soft, so I didn’t have to file. It was really cool!”

Here is a video of Jessica’s first experience using the ClipDifferent Pro. Individually people like Jessica adjust and figure out a way to trim their fingernails. Collectively, the issue is large. And real. The Pro offers a simple and effortless way to trim fingernails with an automatic and stationary unit that turns on with a touch of a button.