Experiencing the ClipDifferent Automatic Fingernail Clipper – AOTA Conference

High five to so many who visited ClipDifferent at the AOTA conference and experienced why Edison Universe recently gave the assistive device top honors and called it a “game-changing” innovation. It was fun watching faces as people walked by the booth reading Automatic Fingernail Clipper go from ??? to ??? after trying the ClipDifferent Pro.

The frustration of not being allowed to clip your clients’ fingernails and the problems caused by long nails was heard loud and clear. ClipDifferent’s automatic fingernail clipper is a simple solution and as more offerings rollout, our company is here as a resource. Both Jen and I left the AOTA Conference motivated by all your positive observations and reactions.

ASK: Please forward this email to your colleagues, clients and the many who were not next to you trying the ClipDifferent products. ClipDifferent is here to help and your effort to get the word out is needed and appreciated.

*For many of you asking about the Disinfection Protocol, the ClipDifferent validation study results are in and looking good.  More details on that are coming soon.

Thank you again from the entire ClipDifferent Team.

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Booth Hosts:
Jen – jen@clipdifferent.com | (952)200-1401
TJ – melanie@clipdifferent.com | (612)237-8700