Form5 Prosthetics

Form5 Prosthetics is a non-profit organization located in central Ohio that provides eco-friendly prosthetics for the poor, distressed or underprivileged with congenital and other limb differences by using 3D printing and closed-loop recycling to innovate, create, and reform the future.

Through their innovative processes and inclusion of those with limb-loss, Form5 is opening doors for those in the disability community to become empowered by creating their own prosthetic devices and paving the way others! Form5’s founder, Aaron Westbrook started Form5 when he was a sophomore in high school. Now a full-time college student, his vision for the organization is to provide the resources for people with limb-loss to be apart of not just the conversation, but the entire process of creating their own prosthetic  – learning design, advocacy, and the power of technology! Form5 is planned to launch its inaugural event where college students from local universities intern for the organization and collaborate with the 5 individuals with limb-loss to fabricate life-changing and useful task-specific prosthetics.

Clip Different is happy to support Form5 Prosthetics’ mission in creating advanced, eco-friendly prosthetics that with every purchase of ‘Clip Different Pro’ using the code [FORM5], recipients receive $10 off and 10% of the proceeds from the sale is donated to Form5!

You can learn more about Form5 Prosthetics here [].

Aaron Westbrook’s impressive Tedx Talk