Frequently Asked Questions

How short or long does the ClipDifferent Pro trim my nails?

Your desired nail length is determined by how little or how much of your nail you insert into the nail-slot.

#ProTip: Tip your finger down while inserting the nail-tip for shorter nails.

What about thick nails?

We haven’t met a fingernail that the Pro couldn’t trim, but if you’d like to be sure, the opening of the nail insertion slot is 1.4mm (or the equivalent thickness of a dime).

#ProTip: For VERY thick nails, insert a smaller amount of nail. That way the device takes off smaller pieces.

What if the device stops on my nail?

Although jamming the trimming mechanism is very unlikely, if that happens it is usually the result of a low battery or trying to trim too much nail at once.. Just twist or wiggle your finger and remove.

How do you charge Clipdifferent devices?

  1. Plug charger into the wall (notice green light)
  2. Plug other end into the back of your device (red light)
  3. After an hour or so, the light should turn green which means the device is fully charged and ready to use.

#ProTip: Do not leave your device plugged into the wall as this will decrease the life of your rechargeable batteries.

Can ClipDifferent nail clippers be place at any type of surface?

ClipDifferent Pro is designed to help people with challenges using the traditional nail clipper so the device can be placed on any flat surface, making it easy and safe to use. In some cases, users have told us holding the device works just as well. See what works best for you. 

Because of the different voltage around the world, do I need a power convertor or plug convertor to charge the device in other countries?

The chargers work with a range of voltages, 100-240v so you will only need a plug converter to your outlet.

What comes with each order?

Each Pro order includes one ClipDifferent Pro device, one charger, and instructions.  Each Junior order includes one ClipDifferent Junior device, one charger, instructions, and sticker set for decoration.

How long do I charge the device?

Do not charge the ClipDifferent devices more than two hours.


Thank you for all the great question and let us know if you have more


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