Frequently Asked Questions

I like to keep my nails a medium length. How short or long does the ClipDifferent Pro trim my nails?

Your desired nail length is determined by how little or how much of your nail you insert into the slot. The Pro will trim and give you a smooth finish.

My husband’s fingernails are really thick. Will the ClipDifferent Pro cut his nails?

We haven’t met a fingernail that the Pro couldn’t trim, but if you’d like to be sure, the opening of the nail insertion slot is 1.4mm (or the equivalent thickness of a dime).

Will the ClipDifferent Pro cut my skin?

The Pro is ingeniously designed (with pending patents) to only cut your fingernail and not the skin around your nail.

Does the ClipDifferent Pro work for gel-polished nails?

The Pro will definitely work on gel-polished fingernails, however, some gel polishes can be applied extra thick and will not work if it exceeds the size of the nail insertion slot.

Does it work for acrylic nails?

The insertion slot is designed to specifically accommodate naturally grown fingernails.

Does the Pro work on toenails?

We do not recommend buying the ClipDifferent Pro for toenails. The Pro was developed specifically so people can trim their fingernails safely without the need to hold or squeeze anything. The device rests on a table or counter and can be operated by a simple touch of a button.

I hate the nail mess, what happens to the nails after they are clipped?

Each piece of trimmed nail drops into the nail drawer and contained until the drawer is slid out and the discarded nails are disposed of.

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