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Our Story

We’re a small family-owned business in Minnesota that creates innovative products that bring independence and confidence to people’s lives.

ClipDifferent Family

Donate To: “Gifts For Seniors”

Your donation will make a real difference in the lives of isolated seniors.

To donate please write a check out to: Gifts For Seniors c/o Lil Nipper

Mail to: Gifts for Seniors – 2300 Kennedy Street NE,  Suite 40 Minneapolis, MN 55413

Gifts for Seniors is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. If you send donation via check, please include name and email for your Donor Acknowledgement (receipt).

Give the gift of connection & independent self-care

Donations go towards:

  • An in-person social visit to isolated seniors
  • The visitor will bring companionship, joy, and a gift of a Lil Nipper Automatic Nail Clipper for Adults
  • A “how to” demonstration and conversation educating the senior about the Lil Nipper’s features and the benefits of their new gift
  • Assisting Gifts for Seniors to be able to serve more & more seniors every year

Join us, in helping to make a social connection with seniors at risk of loneliness and depression. And in doing so, share the gift of independent nail grooming. Connection and Independence, a true gift!!

It’s that simple when you believe in a world where each day means a new opportunity to manufacture joy–collecting smiles with every clip.

Help us make an impact in the lives of isolated seniors living in Minnesota.

The most terrible poverty is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved.” —Mother Teresa

About Gifts For Seniors

You can touch a senior’s heart!

With the critical support of donors, Gifts for Seniors coordinates social visits for more than 7,000 older adults throughout the year. Your gift alleviates loneliness by letting them know they are loved, valued, and they are not forgotten…and bringing them joy a neat, unique gift! Please join us in bringing smiles and human connection to our senior friends here in Minnesota!

The connection:

Tom McMullen, Creator of ClipDifferent/Lil Nipper, is a senior himself at 79 years strong. He was born and raised in Minnesota and has lived here his entire life. He and his late wife and three children lived in Bloomington and Eden Prairie. Tom’s current wife, Pat, is very involved doing one-to-one visits with seniors who have physical and mental health issues. Tom met Carolyn, Gifts for Seniors Director, four years ago and was inspired by her dedication to helping seniors. Carolyn was inspired to join Gifts for Seniors after being a caregiver for her grandmother, Glenda.

Health Risks of Loneliness

There is strong evidence that many adults aged 50 and older are socially isolated or lonely in ways that put their health at risk. Recent studies found that:

  • Social isolation significantly increased a person’s risk of premature death from all causes, a risk that may rival those of smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity.
  • Social isolation was associated with about a 50% percent increased risk of dementia.
  • Poor social relationships (characterized by social isolation or loneliness) was associated with a 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke.
  • Loneliness was associated with higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide.
  • Loneliness among heart failure patients was associated with a nearly 4 times increased risk of death, 68% increased risk of hospitalization, and 57% increased risk of emergency department visits.



Social Mission

Gifts for Seniors strives to alleviate the loss of connection to community and the devastating spiral into loneliness that negatively impacts one’s health and wellbeing.  Although we are often providing much needed resources for older adults on fixed incomes, the true gift is the life-affirming personal contact.  Social visits are also crucial for identifying unfortunate instances of abuse, self-neglect, and exploitation.

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Gifts for Seniors Gift Barrels. Give a gift and a visit to a senior who is experiencing isolation

Customer Reviews

Skylar B.
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

We really enjoy this thing! My husband wanted to buy this and the child one and they both are amazing, do much better than I was expecting 💓

4 hours ago
Bella Sharp-Collins
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

I have not received my order

3 days ago
Steve Turska
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

Works great some people say it’s loud but I don’t think so
Not as loud as electric shaver and does a great job on my dads nails

2 months ago
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

Good for on the go. Just need a water bottle on hand.

3 months ago
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

It works nice. It does the job.

3 months ago
Owen Huw Foster Roberts
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

I have MS and hand dexterity/clawing – and I finally managed to cut my own nails after several years having to ask for help/someone else to do it. Thank you!

4 months ago

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