It uses a bit of science, a bit of magic, and a few top-secret components that elevate the act of fingernail clipping from boring to “holy cow!”.

Put simply, the ClipDifferent Pro utilizes a high-capacity, rechargeable NiMH battery to power a finely-tuned, patent-pending trimming mechanism manufactured with surgical grade stainless steel, to create the most seamless, clean, and nearly effortless fingernail clipping experience you’ve ever had.

It’s quiet, durable, and weighs less than a bottle of water.

It was designed and engineered to look and operate simply, efficiently, and elegantly, but contains countless hours of designing, engineering, testing, and re-engineering to deliver an easy-to-use product experience that’s going to change how we clip fingernails.


  1. Place ClipDifferent Pro on a flat, stable surface
  2. Press Power Switch to ON
  3. Insert the tip of the fingernail to the desired length you’d like to be trimmed
  4. Turn finger slightly to round off the rest of the nail edge to ensure a smooth, snag-free finish
  5. Empty nail clippings from the drawer

Could it get any easier?

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Trimming your nails with the ClipDifferent Pro is such an original experience, you’ll likely end up showing it off to friends and family.

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