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Independence Where Veterans Need it Most: Empowering Support for Veterans

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Promoting Dignified Independence: Empowering Support for Veterans Where They Need It

“To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan” by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans – President Lincoln

Thank you all for your unwavering service and dedication. Your exceptional commitment and sacrifices for our country have not gone unnoticed, and it is with the utmost gratitude that we recognize the invaluable care, services, and freedom you have earned. The existence of the largest united healthcare organization in the nation, the Veterans Affairs, is a testament to the enduring support system established to honor your contributions. This organization stands as a beacon of hope, embodying the core values that resonate with the very foundations of our people, our nation, our companies, and our indomitable spirit.

The Veterans Affairs purpose:

“To provide veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned – and to do so by adhering to the highest standards of compassion, commitment, excellence, professionalism, integrity, accountability, and stewardship.”

If you, as a veteran and for whatever reason, need care for the purpose of hearing, seeing, physical therapy, independent living aids – resources and solutions are available to you. As part of that, if you have a hard time using the traditional clipper to clip your fingernails – there are solutions available, and we would like to be one of those resources for you. One of those options is an automatic nail clipper that gives you the ability to use it, hands-free, at home when you want with ease and safety at the touch of a button.

Geno, a disabled veteran who used ClipDifferent to help him gain independence back

(Geno Disabled Veteran)

ClipDifferent Pro adaptive nail clipper:

Designed with a patent-pending adaptive mechanism, this revolutionary device serves as an essential tool for nail care, catering to individuals of all abilities. Featuring a carefully crafted nail-slot and face plate, it offers safety, preventing any risk of skin contact with the trimming mechanism. The engineering ensures that a majority of users feel comfortable using the device even without constant visual attention. Moreover, its innovative design includes a built-in drawer that efficiently collects and contains nail clippings, effectively eliminating any potential mess. Each trimmer boasts a powerful, high-capacity rechargeable battery that guarantees extended usage, providing months of reliable service between charges, thereby offering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

Many VA’s have approved the adaptive nail clipper for other Veterans. Follow the simple steps below in order to inquire and see if you qualify for a device in your home:

  • Request a ClipDifferent Pro by contacting your care professional at your local VA hospital.
  • Care professionals can order your device through or the VA approved vendor RehabMart
  • You will receive a ClipDifferent Pro in a few days after we receive the order.

Due to the fact that these devices have been available for less than two years on the market, some care professionals and VAs don’t know about these adaptive nail clippers. In those situations, ClipDifferent is happy to share information in regards to how other VA’s have ordered these devices, connect directly on your behalf, or offer alternative buying options. In the event that you need a device, we’re committed to helping you get one.

To the VAs scattered throughout the nation, thank you again for your collaboration, which has resulted in making life easier for many of our veterans.

To our veterans thank you again for your service and for giving our country your life, time, energy, and love. Your sacrifice is honored and appreciated. ClipDifferent is here for you and is a resource.

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