Must Have Gifts

Indy Now on WXIN TV Must-Have Gifts

Must Have Gifts this Holiday Season:

Follow along as we are walked through some of the must-have gifts for kids.  From bicycles to hot wheel cars, and ski goggles, there is a gift for everyone in this segment.  We are ecstatic to be included in the best “must-have” gifts.

Indy Now is a lifestyle and entertainment show on Fox59.  This segment, called “Indy with Kids” gives parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and more a fabulous idea of what kinds of gifts the littles in their lives would love.

“That’s a game changer” says Ryan from WXIN.  Katie from Indy with kids goes on to say “You can teach kids to do it on their own.  It’s safe, and gentle; that’s the big thing.”

We love the excitement that follows as the Lil Nippers are being displayed and shown how to use. Katie explains how fun they are; which is something that we can totally agree on!  Tasks that were once considered scary and dreadful can now be exciting and a fun part of self care routines.

You won’t want to miss this review and the other “must-haves” that get reviewed during this segment.

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