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We’re a small family-owned business in Minnesota that creates innovative products that bring independence and confidence to people’s lives.

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Kids Love to Clip Their Nails – True Story

Automatic Fingernail Clipper - Automatic Nail Clipper for Those With Down Syndrome, Autism, Limb loss and limb difference, Sensory Aversion, Arthritis, Neurological Issues, Veterans, And low vision or blindness. Clip nails independently

With 41 million kiddos running around, that’s a lot of anxious parents trying to clip nails.

Have you ever struggled with this routine task? How about tiptoe into a child’s bedroom to trim their nails while they slept? Or asking a partner to help while saying “stay calm, I’m not going to hurt you?” As parents ourselves, we know first-hand of these frustrations. That’s why when kids fearlessly use the ClipDifferent Junior and how remarkably easy it is for them – it’s exciting to see. The device gives the child control, in a safe way, so the routine task isn’t a struggle. Parents – rest easy 🙂


Tom chats about the new ClipDifferent Junior for kids.

(Updated 10/31/2023)

You can now empower your child’s journey towards self-sufficiency with the Lil Nipper, an innovative tool crafted to nurture their growing independence. Designed to encourage self-care skills from an early age, the Lil Nipper provides a safe and intuitive solution for your child to manage their own nail care routine independently. It uses the same patented safe-slot technology as the ClipDifferent Pro, in a handheld version with a full line of sizes for the whole family.

This device ensures your child’s delicate skin remains safeguarded during the clipping process, fostering their confidence and sense of accomplishment. Say goodbye to worries about safety and discomfort—empower your little one to take charge of their grooming with the Lil Nipper, the perfect companion for their journey towards self-reliance and autonomy.


1/13 – Centennial Middle School received multiple donated nail clippers for students, faculty, and parents.

Welcome Gigi’s Playhouse

Please join us for “i have a Voice” Gigi’s Playhouse Gala 9th Annual celebration at The Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot! Enjoy a heartfelt inspirational evening with a silent auction, dinner, program, live auction and paddle raise all to support individuals with Down Syndrome in the Twin Cities!


Thank you for joining #ClipDifferent on this unique journey.

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