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We’re a small family-owned business in Minnesota that creates innovative products that bring independence and confidence to people’s lives.

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Let the countdown begin!

For those who don’t like asking for help, for the caregivers who’d like to cross off this weekly task once and for all, for those who’d like more freedom, and for people who want to put the fun back into fingernail clipping, the ClipDifferent Pro is only 7 days away from being available on Amazon (Of course, you can still pre-order on the website until then)!!

We’ve made our list, checked it twice and have lots of ideas for whom this is a great gift—guys who let their clippings fly on the floor and sink, grandmas who have everything, gadget lovers, households, musicians, athletes, and all the type-As who love precision and a smooth feel from their well-groomed fingernails. The ClipDifferent Pro is for you!

Countdown with us! Spread the word!

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