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Our Story

We’re a small family-owned business in Minnesota that creates innovative products that bring independence and confidence to people’s lives.

ClipDifferent Family

Our Story

Purpose-driven brand

We make a difference by developing products that help you live a fuller, more enriching life. Independence, joy, and empowerment no matter age, ability, background, or accessibility. We stand behind our products and will conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency at all times while giving back to our community.

Tom McMullen Jr.
ClipDifferent Creator and Founder

The power of one small thing

It all starts with Tom McMullen Jr. (the heart, soul, and creator of ClipDifferent). Tom has always had an eye open for those who have to work harder for things that most of us take for granted. He learned this first-hand at an early age when his youngest sister came down with polio and he helped her with her stretches and find new ways to get through the day.

That became an incredibly important lesson when Tom’s wife, Trudy, was diagnosed with progressive health issues and Tom searched for ways to make her life easier. He again learned that some of the simplest daily tasks are nearly impossible when you have physical challenges or differing abilities. His sense of purpose and deep-rooted devotion to others has been the driving force and inspiration in the journey in developing ClipDifferent.

These life experiences inspired Tom to create ClipDifferent, GBC., a registered General Benefit Corporation, whose mission is to make a difference in people’s lives no matter their age, circumstance, or ability.

The mighty, Lil Nipper!

Joy and confidence come with accomplishing small tasks, no matter how seemingly simple.

Whether it’s encouraging your toddler’s independence, helping an elderly loved one maintain their self-reliance, or giving dad a new way to help with the infant, our fingernail clippers are safe, easy to use, and durable. 

So welcome to our world, where each day means an opportunity to manufacture little miracles…where joy, independence, and confidence are brought to you–one clip at time.


Tom McMullen Jr.
Creator and Founder

TJ McMullen III and Melanie McMullen
Siblings and Co-Founders

A Minnesota-based company

ClipDifferent, a registered General Benefit Corporation, was founded by Tom McMullen Jr. in 2017 and the first adaptive products, the Pro and Jr, were released in late 2018.

Tom developed these products to serve the 50+ million people who have lost strength or dexterity in your hands due to arthritis, neurological issues, accident, injury or disease, vision loss, sensory issues, cognitive impairment, or upper limb loss/difference.

ClipDifferent, GBC is a family-owned business based in Minnesota.

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