The Power of One Small Thing

It all starts with Tom McMullen Jr. (the heart, soul, and creator of ClipDifferent). Tom has always had an eye open for those who have to work harder for things that most of us take for granted. He learned this first-hand at an early age when his youngest sister came down with polio and had to acquire “extra-abilities” to get through the day.

That became an incredibly important lesson when his wife Trudy was diagnosed with progressive health issues and Tom searched for ways to make her life easier. He again learned that some of the simplest daily tasks are nearly impossible when you have physical challenges or differing abilities. His sense of purpose and deep-rooted devotion to others has been the driving force and inspiration in the journey in developing ClipDifferent.

These life experiences (and a few pesky product ideas he couldn’t shake) inspired Tom to create ClipDifferent, GBC., a registered General Benefit Corporation, whose mission is to make life a little bit easier by developing products for people of different backgrounds and abilities.

We’re proud to offer the Pro as the first official product of ClipDifferent.

Tom McMullen Jr.
ClipDifferent Founder

About ClipDifferent

We believe each person has a story which can inspire and empower others. At ClipDifferent, our story includes a group of socially-minded collaborators who aspire to create innovative products that can leverage the power of how one small thing can make a huge difference.

ClipDifferent Team

Melanie McMullen

TJ McMullen III

Larry Gau

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