Pro Junior


Create a whole new routine for home nail care with the award-winning automatic fingernail trimmer perfect for children of all abilities (ages 6-12). The littles will love the smooth and quiet cut as they independently trim their nails.

To operate the Pro Junior, simply power on the device, have your child insert their nail into the trim slot, and rotate their nail from edge to edge. Our MicroTrim(™) technology  ensures a consistent, clean cut to their desired length. When they are done, power off the device and empty the nail trimmings tray.

  • 1 Pro Junior Assistive Nail Trimmer
  • 1 6V, 1,2000mAh, UL Cert Charger
  • 1 Set of Instructions
  • 1 Sticker Pack For Mega Fun
  • Follow these easy steps to keep your Pro Junior clean and sanitary.
  • To clean the exterior plastic, use a mild detergent with a damp cloth.
  • To clean the faceplate, use an alcohol wipe to brush the surface of the stainless steel.

The Pro Junior was designed to give kids freedom in their grooming routine. It is perfect for kids with limb loss & limb difference, low vision & blindness, neurological challenges, sensory aversion, or any other child that has trouble with trimming their nails.

  1. Dylan's mom

    This is a game changer! My son that has Down Syndrome and sensory issues hates to cut his nails. After preparing him how to use the Junior automatic nail clipper he was excited to try it. He now enjoys cutting his nails! He loves how his nails collect in the drawer. This has been such a blessing for my family. Thank you!
  2. Shelly

    This is the bomb! My 10 yo son on the spectrum hates getting his nails clipped so much. Usually I have to bribe him or threaten to take away electronics in order for me to clip them with a traditional nail clipper. Since we received the Junior automatic nail clipper, he grabs it on his own and trims his nails while watching tv. He is intrigued by the device which makes it fun and not a chore.