Meet the automated nail clipper for all people. Smartly designed to assist folks with limited-mobility, pain, low or no vision, limb-loss or difference. Place, trim, and go, you only need one arm to trim your nails. Surgical quality stainless steel blade, no clipping mess, smooth and quiet.

To operate the Pro, simply power on the device, insert your nail into the trim slot, and rotate your nail from edge to edge. Our MicroTrim(™) technology  ensures a consistent, clean cut to your desired length. When you are done, power off the device and empty the nail trimmings tray at your leisure.

  • 1 Pro Assistive Nail Trimmer
  • 1 6V, 1,2000mAh, UL Cert Charger
  • 1 Set of Instructions

The Pro was designed to give folks freedom in their grooming routine. It is perfect for: veterans, care facilities, people with arthritis, people with limb loss & limb difference, people with low vision & blindness, people with neurological challenges, people with sensory aversion and anyone else looking to simplify the process of trimming their nails.

  1. Ellshaazaam

    It Works!! I have arthritis in my hands and this product allows me to cut my own nails I very much need this and love it! Thank you!
  2. Thomas

    Completely safe and easy to use. I am an 84 yr. old male with arthritis in my hands which kept me from caring for my nails. This little machine solved my problem. It's easy to use and does a wonderful job clipping your nails to whatever length you desire. If I can use it, anyone can use it.
  3. Jim F

    This is a great invention. I bought two units recently, one for me and one for my aging parents whose vision and dexterity is becoming more and more of an issue, which was reflected in their overly-long or broken fingernails. I’m happy to report that my folks love their ClipDifferent unit and use it regularly (and keep thanking me for it). As for me, I also love the unit because I just don’t like cutting my nails and this makes it so much easier -- almost fun. A great product