YOOL Earloop Procedure Mask


For Healthcare Professionals Only



  1. 3 Ply Non-Woven Face Masks Latex Free
  2. Filtration Efficiency: BFE ≥ 98 and PFE ≥ 98 at 0.1 micron
  3. Low Breathing Resistance
  4. Fluid Resistance at 120 mmHg
  5. Latex Free
  6. Comfortable Fit
  7. Poly-bagged in packs of 10 so there is no contamination

Shipping mid April


Please note that the sales of masks is restricted to hospitals and health care facilities or service providers in order to supply and keep their health care workers safe as they care for patients and provide the needed services during this Corvid-19 outbreak. There will be no sales to individuals in the general public based on CDC guidelines that the general public need not wear protective masks at this time. We do want all individuals to know that ClipDifferent does care deeply about you and your community and that the best way for us to care is to provide the protective masks to the health care workers who are in the greatest need of protection and need to stay healthy as they may have to someday take care of you. The masks will be allocated as fair as is possible to give facilities and service providers both large and small the chance to provide their workers with the protection required to care for those in need and to safeguard the families of those workers.

Thank you for your understanding in these difficult times and remember that the ClipDifferent Team cares about you. One Team One Mission