Share the LOVE: Save $25

The #ClipDifferent community is amazing on many levels! You truly inspire and motivate us to dig deeper every day. You are why we are here passionately exploring ingenious ways to give superior nail care solutions for everyone, leaving no one out. Use the LOVE coupon for $25 off at check-out, on our website only, as a token of appreciation. Thank you for sharing the journey!

Social Tag & Share: $25 Refund

Take a video or photo using your ClipDifferent device and tag @ClipDifferent & #ClipDifferent on the social Interwebs – FacebookTwitterInstagram. Be creative and have fun with it. 

Another option – Share with your community. Print this pamphlet and bring to your care community, doctor, events, family and friends. We need your help and it’s voices like yours that makes a difference.

When we see the tag and hear that you’ve shared it with your community, we’ll issue the $25 refund.

Examples: RichardForm5CCX MediaOT Practitioner

Share Your Story: $25 Refund

We love to hear our community success stories. How has you or your loved one’s life improved through ClipDifferent’s product? How did you learn of ClipDifferent? Why did you think this product was a fit for you? Share your experience with us for $25 refund, and we might include your story in one of our upcoming newsletters or social media posts.

Send us a note and we’d love to help make this happen.

Examples: Cooper93 Year Old MomGift For Mom or Dad


Thank you!!!

~The ClipDifferent Team