Top 10 Assistive Devices for Upper Limb Loss

There are millions of people out there ignoring disabilities and accomplishing incredible feats. I learned you can learn to do things differently, but do them just as well. I’ve learned that it’s not the disability that defines you, it’s how you deal with the challenges the disability presents you with. And I’ve learned that we have an obligation to the abilities we DO have, not the disability.

~Jim Abbott (professional baseball player born without a right hand)

Living with an upper limb disability can provide a unique set of challenges during the most routine of tasks (that able-bodied people can take for granted). But as with the Jim Abbott quote above, it’s not about giving into our limitations, it’s about exceeding them. And given the myriad of amazing tools and assistive devices out there for people with limb loss and limb difference, there is no time like the present to reach your potential.

And because ClipDifferent is in the market of creating assistive devices to help people of every ability, we thought it might be helpful to put together a list of some of the best assistive aids available online. Some are quite obvious; others fulfill a small niche you may have not heard about yet. Either way, we feel that all of these assistive devices have the capacity to help people of all abilities.

Assistive Devices

Myself Belts

Myself Belts offers a patented product that is the only one-handed belt on the market and were designed to help those with hand dexterity challenges. Those having the use of only one hand will be able to accomplish a task that ordinarily would be very difficult. Promotes independence and makes dressing so much easier.

Price: $29-$35

One Hand CanDo Cutting Board (includes 3 Silicone Straps)

The One Hand CanDo Cutting Board, created by a stroke survivor who loves to cook, is specifically designed to facilitate a myriad of food preparation techniques using one hand. The inability to hold a food ingredient to prepare it, i.e. by slicing, chopping, shredding, mincing, etc, is no longer an issue when the one-handed cook has the patent pending CanDo Cutting Board in their kitchen tool arsenal. Special features include a strapping system to hold bunches of ingredients such as fresh herbs, 2 repositionable side walls that accommodate left or right handed use and three sharp, stainless steel prongs to impale food items on. Each board includes 3 heat resistant, dishwasher safe silicone straps.

Price: $64.95


EZ Off Jar Opener

The EZ Off jar opener will open tough lids effortlessly. It will grab hold of any lid whether it’s factory sealed, child proof, tamper proof or just stuck from what’s inside the jar. A simple twist and The EZ Off Jar Opener will deliver every time.

Price: $15.99


Hands Free Toothpaste Dispenser

Touch-N-Brush Toothpaste hands-free dispenser prevents waste by dispensing the perfect amount of toothpaste. A touch of the pump dispenses a strip of fresh toothpaste on your brush. Holds any size toothpaste tube, and is easy to use, install and refill. Vacuum technology forces out every last drop of toothpaste. Suctions to smooth surfaces.

Price: $27.95


Page Pal Holder

Keep the pages in your favorite book held wide open with one hand. The warm smooth texture of American Walnut compliments the feel of any book, a perfect gift for your favorite bibliophile.

Price: $24.00



The GrabOpener removes caps as you grab the bottle with one hand, it keeps caps flat, it leverages pull tabs on cans, and its magnet allows it to stow on your beer fridge. Made for amputees.

Price: $16-$30



Bra Buddy

This unique bra dressing aid allows you to easily put on a bra using just one hand. Using the accessory makes putting on a bra easier if you struggle with fastening fiddly bra straps. Assists you by holding one end of the bra while you pull the other end of the strap around the body to fasten the hooks and eyes. Allows ladies with limited reach or mobility to dress independently without needing to ask for help or use an adaptive bra.

Price: $44.00


Yoke Shopper

Ergonomically designed to comfortably sit over your shoulder so you can freely carry several heavy bags with ease. Carrying heavy shopping on your shoulder or across your body is so much more comfortable. Shopping secured. With all your bag handles securely locked together your shopping stays put and you only have to search for one handle, the Yoke Shopper.

Price: $15.00


Hands-Free Dog Leash

The Primal Pet Gear Running Dog Leash is designed with 2 handles to give you total control of your dog in any challenging situation. In high traffic conditions, hold your dog close to you to avoid accidents, fights with other animals or annoying other people. Strategically placed between the handles is a heavy-duty elastic bungee cord to absorb shock.

Price: $18.95


ClipDifferent Pro

Autism Medical Device - Fingernail Clipper - Automatic Nail Clipper for Those With Down Syndrome or Autism

We’re obviously a little biased here, but our beta testers with limb difference or limb loss have raved about how the ClipDifferent Pro has saved them time, hassle, and the embarrassment of asking for help with clipping their fingernails. Use it once and you’ll never go back to the old way of clipping your fingernails (and the ClipDifferent Pro is so durable, you’ll only need one in your lifetime).

Price: $149


Bonus Product:

While technically not an assistive device, we’ve heard great things about ithriveX Anti-Friction cream. It’s a toxin-free, completely all-natural anti-friction cream for use with prosthetics (both upper and lower). It contains seven essential oils that prevent rubbing and heal pain caused by prosthetics, so you can bounce back and take on the day.

Price: $24.95