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Trim Your Nails Safely with the Touch of a Button – National Examiner Giveaway (Ends 12/9/18)

The ClipDifferent Pro is a revolutionary fingernail clipper that safely trims fingernails with the simple touch of a button. As we get older, some of the simplest tasks — like cutting our fingernails — become more difficult. The ClipDifferent Pro offers an easy, safe way to take care of your (or your loved ones) nails with this first-of-its-kind, automatic and rechargeable device. According to ClipDifferent, even those with arthritis, vision loss, and numerous other disabilities can use it quickly and safely. In addition, it catches the nail clippings in a handy drawer, eliminating any mess!

We have four $150 ClipDifferent devices to give away FREE. For a chance to win, see page 46. For more information, visit

Safely clip nails: national examiner giveaway info

Safely clip nails: national examiner giveaway coupon

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