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“Every home needs to have one of these!”
– Tamara S. (Home Health Care Advisor)

“Using the Pro was really quick and left my nails soft, so I didn’t have to file. It was really cool!”
– Jessica Wilson (Born with one hand)

“It gives me one more way to be independent.”
– Rick Z. (Vision Loss)

“Once you see the Pro work, it’s hard to go back to the old way of clipping your nails.”
– Butch D. (Amputee/Limb Loss)

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Ruth Bachman (Cancer Survivor and Amputee)

Dave LaClare (Living with MS and Stroke Survivor)

Rick Zeidler (Vision Loss)

Kathi Holmes (Living with Arthritis)

Rick Ebner (Living with MS)

Jessica Willson (Born with One Hand)

Geno Mucciacciaro (Disabled Veteran)

Paul Teien (Veterans Affairs R.N. Administrator )

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