What Do You Get Someone Who Has Everything And Their Own Workshop?

Santa’s NEW little helper. The ClipDifferent is perfect for someone (even Santa) who has a challenge using the traditional clipper. Any challenge large or small. We welcome you to the fresh approach to fingernail trimming developed with you in mind.

Happy (Ho Ho) Holidays!!

A deep sense of gratitude from our team to all of you who have liked, shared, bought, and joined the ClipDifferent tribe. The unique community, that for whatever reason, wants and needs a better way to trim nails. The obligation from all of us resonates at the core of what we do, building better solutions for all nail clipping. Leaving no one out.

Our newest member? Because what do you get someone who has everything and their own workshop? “Wow” -Santa Claus

More solutions coming in 2019!

*If you’re in the Minneapolis area looking for the perfect last minute gift idea, drop us a note help@clipdifferent.com to arrange a pick-up.