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Which challenges have made you stronger? What’s your inspiration?

Kathi Hero quoting her challenges with hand arthritis

How one defines challenges is a personal and intimate process. For one person riding a bicycle is difficult and for another twisting a door handle is a challenge. Many daily tasks require our small motor skills to function smoothly. For many, when hands and wrists show signs of aches, swelling, and pain with movement, activities of daily living become challenging.

“Every day each of us experiences hurdles we must overcome. Some are hardly noticed while others challenge us to become stronger than we ever thought we could be.” -Kathi Holmes

Kathi Holmes wears many hats and being a grandma is a role she holds dear. In 2011 she went from being paralyzed to learning to walk again alongside her granddaughter who was her inspiration. (Get her full story in her book, “I Stand With Courage: One Woman’s Journey to Conquer Paralysis.”) One slow step at a time Kathi conquered her obstacle and today one of her joys is walking her dog Honey.

Woman in sweater standing outside with cane. becoming stronger to walk

Another challenge Kathi currently faces is one shared with over 54 million Americans – loss of hand strength due to Arthritis. This is the disease which develops quietly and worsens with time, noticed in those quiet moments alone while putting on shoes, brushing teeth, or doing one of many other daily routine tasks.

“Having arthritis makes it difficult to clip my nails” -Kathi Holmes

The ClipDifferent Pro nail clipper was designed with you in mind. By touching the on/off button and inserting the tip of your fingernail into the nail slot, your nails can be trimmed safely and effortlessly.

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No sore hands. No asking for help. No visits to a salon. No rough edges. No mess. Just nice smooth manicured fingernails. For life.

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