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“Why would you think of us?” – Whole Foods Mystery Man

Man walking down the football field. Image used for blog title "Why would you think of us"

Why do we think of others?

About a year ago while walking into Whole Foods, there was a gentleman walking out, and Tom McMullen, our founder (and not a shy bone in his body), walked up to him and said, “Sir, could I talk with you for a minute? I noticed that you have only one arm. How do you cut your fingernails?” Looking a bit puzzled, the man replied, “I can’t, my wife does it and I hate it.” Tom enthusiastically responded, “We’re developing a fingernail clipper for people with differing abilities and you’ll be able to cut your own fingernails.” The Mystery Man’s look changed from a confused one to that of heartfelt surprise as he leaned close to Tom and said, “Why would you think of us?”

It was soon after that exchange, that Tom decided to kick things into gear and inspire all of us at ClipDifferent in order to get this product out there. As a matter of fact, here’s one of the first emails he sent:

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Tom McMullen

Date: Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 5:58 PM

Subject: Nail Clippers

To: TJ McMullen III

Here’s a few words regarding my motivation to make nail clippers for underserved niches:

It is no particular big deal for the mother down the block to not have a safe, reliable way to clip her baby’s fingernails. She will figure out how to do it with what’s on the market now. She might bite them, use a traditional clipper (maybe once or twice clipping a little bit of the finger), or not attend to them often enough, resulting in the baby scratching herself. No big deal, it’s just one baby … except when you consider that this is happening with millions of babies or toddlers. Collectively it really adds to be major.

The same reasoning applies to the person across town who has lost their sight, or a person who has lost significant dexterity in their hands, or to a particular child who does not trust their parent to clip his or her fingernails, or to a particular child who is ‘’independent” and wants to do her own, or to the adult who just wants to clip her nails in a different, more user friendly way, or to the guy who doesn’t want clipped nails flying around the kitchen or office, or to the soldier in Iowa who has lost an arm and would love to have a way to clip his nails without being dependent on someone else to help him.

This list of those who are underserved could and most certainly will grow as we pay more attention to their varying needs. For the purpose of just the one individual, no big deal. Collectively however, I think it matters and am absolutely committed to making a difference. Who else will do it in the event that I don’t? Who else sees the need? Who else has the vision, energy, tenacity, network, enthusiasm, and resources to develop a nail clipper for these and more?

Let’s get going, we’re burning daylight.

Tom McMullen

“The ClipDifferent project grabbed a hold of me and would not let go.”

NOTE: Do you know who the Whole Foods Mystery man is? This interaction took place at the Edina Whole Foods. I am guessing he is probably around the Baby Boomer age range. Please pass this message onto him so that we are able to connect.

Thank you!

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