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Gift Guides and More – 2022 Winter Press

Gift Guides

2022 Winter Press

We are so excited that Lil Nipper has been featured in some of these amazing gift guides, press, and more!  Follow along to see what everyone thinks about it, and why it should be on your holiday gift-giving list OR your own personal wishlist.

Daily Mom: Celebrate Christmas with Excellent Stocking Stuffers for Him

“Finding the perfect stocking stuffers for him will awaken his charming smile on Christmas morning. Santa can fill his stocking with tech gifts for his phone like earbuds and speakers or round out the overflowing Christmas stocking with a flask, a journal, or hiking gear like a headlamp.”

This is such a fun gift guide for any guy in your life!  From technology to self-care there is something for every husband, boyfriend, dad, etc, maybe even grandpa! Regardless of who you are buying for, here’s what Carla Eskew, the author of Daily Mom, thinks about Lil Nipper.

Gift Guide

“For new parents shopping for all their baby essentials, one of the most surprising essentials you shouldn’t overlook is baby nail clippers. Babies’ nails can grow super fast and be very difficult to cut.  Instead you can trim your baby’s nails with this battery-operated clipper that is both gentle and effective.  This automatic, rechargeable clipper is easy to use, long-lasting and comes with a self-locking button and side panels that make it convenient to grip. Lil Nippers are excellent stocking stuffers for him so dad can use this fantastic tool to care for his little one.”

To read the full article and see what other awesome gifts for him inspire you, click here

Capital Region Living Magazine: Holiday Issue 2022

Lil Nipper is a hot item this season!  Capital Region Living Magazine features Lil Nipper in their 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, with items ranging from self-care tools,  clothing accessories, party games, and even stuff for the kiddos!


“Give your toddler the gift of fun and independence with a task that is normally scary for them. Kids can now safely trim their own nails using the Lil Nipper Child designed specifically for their little nails and curious minds.  Parents can feel at peace. The Lil Nipper is a battery-operated nail trimmer that safely trims fingernails without harming surrounding skin.”

Read Here to see what the other 23 exciting gift ideas are!

Little Helpers in Life: Holiday Gift Guide 2022

This guide is a fun one to look through.  With gifts ranging from toys for kids, jewelry for mom, or funny gag gifts for any adult there is something for everyone on this list!  Let’s see what the little helpers have to say about Lil Nipper.

“Our patented trimming mechanism and safety shield provides a SAFE continuous, clean clip which makes it perfect for any adult, senior, and caregiver. Those with weak or sore hands can use Lil Nipper with its easy-to-grip soft sides and the device does all the work for you…truly effortless. Includes an LED spotlight for easy viewing.”

Read the full guide here

San Antonio, Our Kids: December 2022 Issue

We love this gift guide for kiddos! This guide includes, toys, practical gifts, and even a short but helpful guide on what NOT to get kids.

Gift Guide

“When it comes to cutting delicate nails, always having a sharp blade allows a clean, precise sliver of a trim every time. Medical-grade stainless steel is just one more detail that put Lil Nippers a “cut” above the rest.”

For the full magazine, download the PDF version here


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