A Product Home Health OTs Should Know – Podcast 2019

Podcast: Home Health Occupational Therapy Explorer | Space and Tools for Progressing Your Practice and Aligning Your Life | By Monika Lukasiewicz

A Genius Invention To Know About

A lifestyle podcast for the home health occupational therapist and those interested in exploring it further. Tackling the ridiculousness of home health and healthcare as an OT, and swapping stories, strategies, and insights. With simplicity, humor, and inspiration, this is podcast that is here to support and inspire practical solutions for the home health OT. Hosted by fellow home health OT, Monika Lukasiewicz, whose passion for life and home health is sure to be contagious and entertaining.

“This device is giving a really deep sense of satisfaction because of its independence” 

What we can tell you about Monika is she cares deeply about home health OT and building a community of support by sharing many valuable resources, assistive devices or technology, and tricks-of-the-trade on her growing podcast. She leverages the wealth of expert knowledge during the on-air conversations with diverse guests. Listen to one of her podcasts and you’ll soon learn she has a reassuring voice that’s appreciated in the space.

ClipDifferent Podcast Description:

35 years it took to bring this Edison Award Winning product to market and it’s ready! This is a genius idea (Of Tom McMullen’s) and is now a reality that can help clients with fine motor and visual impairments (just to name a few). Get this—this invention helps them clip their own fingernails! Listen as Tom and TJ share about the product and the journey of its arrival. Enjoy! Get updates on future podcast releases by signing up at www.homehealthOTexplorer.com. Thanks for listening!!


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ClipDifferent by Lil Nipper ~ The World's First Manufacturer of Adaptive Automatic Electric Fingernail Clippers

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