Our Mission

We seek to make a difference by developing products that help you live a more independent, enriching, and empowered life, no matter someone’s age, ability, or accessibility.

The Power of One Small Thing

Tom McMullen Jr. (ClipDifferent Creator and Founder)

At ClipDifferent, our story is woven from threads of compassion and innovation. It all began with Tom McMullen Jr., a man on a mission to make everyday a little easier for those who face extraordinary challenges. Inspired by his sister’s resilience in the face of polio and driven by the desire to improve his late wife Trudy’s life as she battled progressive health issues, Tom set out to redefine what’s possible.

From these deeply personal experiences, ClipDifferent was born. Our products are not just an innovative electric nail clippers; they are instruments of empowerment. They’ve been meticulously designed to improve the messy process of nail clipping but more importantly to assist those with hand strength or dexterity issues, sensory impairments, cognitive challenges, and upper limb differences. They bring relief to parents whose little ones fear nail clippings, to those who would like a safe and better way to clip their nails, aging individuals who want independence and caregivers who want to feel peace of mind for their loved ones.

At ClipDifferent, we believe that every small act of care and consideration can transform lives. Join us on our journey to make the world a more accessible, comfortable, and joyful place, one clip at a time.

A Minnesota-Based Company

ClipDifferent, a registered General Benefit Corporation, was founded by Tom McMullen. He developed the worlds first & only adaptive electric fingernail clippers. The Pro and Jr, were released in 2019 and are manufactured in Maple Grove, MN. In 2022, we released our full line of handheld Lil Nippers which utilizes the same patented trimming technology with added cool features.

Our products were developed to help those who have lost hand strength or dexterity due to various reasons, as well as people with visual, sensory, or cognitive impairments, various diseases, or upper limb loss/difference. Additionally, the products are useful for parents with young children as well as those with aging parents.

No matter your age, ability, or situation…we’ve got you covered!

ClipDifferent, GBC is a family-owned business based in Minnesota.