AARP/Pollen’s Inspiring & Accomplished Minnesota Leaders – Updated

Tom and TJ at AARP Show

AARP Event

The 50 Over 50 List is a collection of leaders in their community in one of five categories: disruptors, nonprofit, business, arts & culture, and community. The two organizations, Pollen & AARP, responsible for the efforts of creating the list share a common mission, empowering people for positive change personally and socially. And both are leaders serving their markets.

“50 exceptional people who are shattering myths about aging and writing their own rules”

ClipDifferent’s founder, Tom McMullen Jr., was nominated to this impressive group of movers and shakers over the age of 50. These 50 leaders have made significant contributions and achievements in their communities by acting on a feeling of “fire” that wouldn’t let go. 

The result? More connection with less status quo! More healing, health, and happiness while having fewer stereotypes about aging. New solutions to old problems improving lives every day.

AARP & Pollen’s Segment:

Tom McMullen, Jr., Bloomington, has been helping entrepreneurs and their families buy and sell businesses for decades. Now, at age 76, he’s become a purpose-filled entrepreneur himself thanks to his invention, ClipDifferent. A unique automatic nail clipper that operates with the simple touch of a button, ClipDifferent makes it easy for people—including those with Alzheimer’s, arthritis, vision or limb loss—to trim their own fingernails. Care facilities appreciate Tom’s invention as it offers them a safe, hygienic and time-saving solution.

Thank you AARP & Pollen for including Tom and highlighting makers of change!


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