Kenya Kindness: New Life Home Trust – Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Kindness

New Life Home Trust: Nairobi, Kenya

Hi, My name is Larry and I am part of the ClipDIfferent team. I would like to share about a recent family vacation that was life-changing. I traveled to Egypt and Kenya in September with my wife, two daughters, and their husbands. Two of my daughter’s co-workers joined us who are in the medical field caring for babies.

While we were in Kenya, we visited an orphanage, New Life Home Trust, where one of the co-workers’ nieces manages that orphanage (and three others). New Life Home Trust specializes in rescuing abandoned, at-risk, and special needs babies.

Donated Essential Items

Our hearts were touched once we learned more about this orphanage and how desperately they needed essentials to care for these babies. So, we brought a huge suitcase full of donated items: 400 pairs of diapers, 50 pull-ups for older children with disabilities, 20 wash clothes, and 30 bibs. ClipDifferent also donated Infant, Child, and Adult Lil Nipper Nail Clippers to share among the orphan children and staff.

New Life Home Trust operates 100% on donations; every dollar or item donated goes towards caring for these babies.



Observing and playing with the babies



Extra Care & Love

We were impressed by how the staff goes the extra mile to provide extra care and love.

  • The orphanage limits the capacity to only 55 babies they can concentrate on giving quality care.
  • Goal is to have babies adopted by age 2 and have successfully achieved this.
  • Several young adults work at the orphanage helping feed and take care of the babies. One was entering his final year of high school and the other was preparing to start college.
  • They celebrate every child’s birthdays with a party, card, and small gifts so every child will remember what it feels like to have a birthday.


Part of our crew waiting for transport at the airport in Africa


If you would be interested in helping out by making a good or a financial donation, visit You can also find them on Facebook or Instagram. Every donation goes towards caring for these precious littles and their livelihood depends on it. For any additional information, go to



Lil Nippers packed and ready for their trip to Kenya


Thank you in advance for your consideration and kindness.

~ Larry

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