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Lake Minnetonka Magazine offers insider information about local dining, shopping, and leisure activities. Being made in Minnesota, this publication is near and dear to our hearts. They truly emphasize the best that the lake area has to offer.

We are so honored that Lake Minnetonka Magazine wanted to interview our wonderful founder, Tom, and highlight his amazing journey that has brought us to where we are today.

Tom Founder of ClipDifferent

“ClipDifferent’s story started 40 years ago when founder Tom McMullen had a pivotal revelation while completing a seemingly mundane task. “I was clipping my fingernails and thought, ‘How does someone with hand impairments use this product?’” McMullen says.

That question led to the development of Lil Nipper, an automatic nail clipper designed to empower a multitude of users, from those with dexterity issues or upper limb differences to people with sensory impairments or cognitive challenges.

After the seed of a product was planted, McMullen’s original question grew in scope during a time of family hardship. His wife, Trudy, was ill, and they were regularly making trips down to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. While she was receiving treatment, McMullen says he talked to everyone he could, estimating he spoke to over a thousand people during their various stays at the hospital.”

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ClipDifferent by Lil Nipper ~ The World's First Manufacturer of Adaptive Automatic Electric Fingernail Clippers

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