Review: Hub Pages detailed and affirmative overview of Lil Nipper

Hub Pages Review

Hub Pages Review: The Lil Nipper Automatic Nail Clipper Will Trim That Nail Just Right

Check out this review! – “The Lil Nipper is a fingernail-cutting device, but that sounds a bit frightful so let’s call it an Automatic Nail Clipper instead. It’s not a multi-tasking tool because it is to quickly and simply serve the function that its name implies: to clip nails.”

We love this Hub Pages review!  The detailed review covers all the features of the Lil Nipper.  Marshal mentions the characteristics of the rechargeable battery.  He even details the best practices for cleaning your Lil Nipper.  We love the detailed mention of the different sizes of Lil Nipper.  Not only that but how the colors correspond with size. Another cool addition to this review is what comes inside the box; That being the device, a charging cable, and an instruction sheet.

Hub Pages Review

“It’s battery operated obviously, with the rechargeable inside the chassis not adding any real weight to the device overall. It has a mild heft and the silicon sides, bottom, and button on top aid in providing a good grip.”

“To use the Lil Nipper, one holds it with the button at the top and the nail slot facing forward. Pressing the button turns it on, activating sounds and a front-facing light, and then the nail is inserted in the slot – with a bit of rotation and positioning angle adjustment to create a rounded trim.”

Read the full detailed review here. As we continue reading, we learn about how long the battery lasts and other special features. – “There’s an LED light that remains steady when the device is on with enough power in the battery for what needs to be done.  A blinking LED instead denotes low battery and a recharge is needed.”

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December 19 – Marshal Rosenthal
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