The Children from Lake Calhoun (1963): We Kindly Hope for Your Help!

ClipDifferent Founder Tom McMullen - rescued children form lake Calhoun in 1962 or 1963 we are looking to connect with them.

We Need Your Help Finding The Children Of Bde Maka Ska (Formerly known as Lake Calhoun). Three Children Ages 11/2 to 4 Years Old!

The Founder of our company has some fantastic events and stories from the past. One of those events happened back in the summer of 1962 or 1963 when he helped to save three small kids from drowning in the Lake Bde Maka Ska, which is formerly known as Lake Calhoun. The ClipDifferent Team is trying to help Tom locate the children or someone who might know the kids involved in this incident. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated to us. Here is Tom’s story that has inspired us to share this with you in hopes that we are able to make a connection.

Here is Tom’s story of the swimming incident from 1962 or 1963: 

When Trudy and I were young sweethearts and dating, we went to Lake Bde Maka Ska to sunbathe, which was probably the only time we were there. We were on the east side of the lake, very close to 36th St. When it was time for us to leave, we packed up all of our stuff and sat on our blanket to smoke a cigarette. I notice to my right that there were little kids, ranging in ages from a year and a half to four years old, playing in the water along the shore. I looked away to my left for just a few moments and then looked back to my right. When I looked back, the kids were now nowhere to be seen, and all that I saw was a faint ripple in the water. I quickly jumped up, ran up to the shore, and dove into what I soon discovered was a deep drop-off in the water. When I opened my eyes, all that I could see were arms and legs flailing. I stood on the bottom of the lake, grabbed the first kid, and hoisted him up (I think it was a boy). Because of the depth of the water, I could barely get him high enough to clear the surface. Someone took him from me, and then I did it again, two more times. I was out of oxygen by the time I hoisted the third child up. Once I had surfaced, I yelled for others to dive in and search for more kids. Luckily we had them all.

The shoreline was now full of commotion, but thankfully, all three children were safe and sound. Trudy and I left the lake at that time; we did not stay around to talk to anyone. This day has been something that I have thought about for more than 50 years; at this point in time the children are now in their 60’s. My friend, Pat, encouraged me to try and see if I can find the children. Pat thought that with Facebook and the quick rise of all the online social connecting; there’d be an excellent chance to find them or someone who might know of them. My little voice told me to do this – good things tend to happen when I act on that.

If anyone at all knows who these three children might be and if you have to ability to connect us with them, please reach out to us here on the website. (You can follow this “contact us” link) Tom would like to know how they are doing and would love to speak to them. It would mean the world to him.

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