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Ease the difficulty of clipping your nails!

Kelly is a mom, wife, and blogger, who started her blogging journey in 2012. She brings awesome insight to the special needs space, which is why we value her opinion so much! Follow along to read what she has to say about ClipDifferent.

“For some, especially those who have arthritis, gout, or Parkinson’s, clipping the fingernails can be difficult. And, if one does have difficulty cutting the nails, such difficulty can increase the risk of injury. Putting off clipping the nails will make them more prone to collecting dirt and bacteria underneath. In return, this creates its own set of problems. That’s where the ClipDifferent can help! ClipDifferent is an automated fingernail cutting device.”

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ClipDifferent by Lil Nipper ~ The World's First Manufacturer of Adaptive Automatic Electric Fingernail Clippers

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