In the News: A Better Way to Clip Your Fingernails

woman shows a better way to clip nails with ClipDifferent Pro

There is a better way…

Check it out! We were featured in a blog post from They’re widely known for being an excellent resource for people with disabilities via their excellent website and Abilities Expo conferences (which attract tens of thousands of visitors all over the country).

Here’s a bit from the article, but we highly recommend going over to their site to read the rest!

As any person with a disability can tell you, there are dozens of mundane tasks throughout the day that are often taken for granted by the able-bodied community. One of those seemingly simple tasks is the act of clipping fingernails. For the majority of us, it’s obvious our nails grow and they need to be trimmed regularly. But what if you can’t trim your own nails? In almost all cases, you’re reliant upon a loved one, caregiver, or professional salon to help out.

The standard fingernail clipper hasn’t changed much since it’s invention a century ago. For something so simple, it has been a valuable tool that does what it was designed to do. The unfortunate kicker: it’s almost impossible to use if you have dexterity, vision or upper limb challenges. But what if there’s a better way?

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