MN Cup Semifinalist: What is it Like?

Tom Jen Melanie walking Carlson School of Management

2018 MN Cup

ClipDifferent and the Pro nail clipper was one of the 90 teams in the 2018 MN Cup SemifinalistsWooHoo ClipDifferent Team!!

Minnesota Cup (MN Cup) received a record 1661 entries from Minnesota-based entrepreneurs, innovators and creative solution minded Rock Star groups. At this stage, our team will work towards becoming one of the finalists as the 90 gets narrowed down to 27 or 3 finalists in each of the nine divisions. Those nine divisions are GeneralHigh Tech, Energy/Clean Tech/Water, Food/Agriculture/Beverage, Life Science/Health IT, Impact Ventures, Student (undergrad or grad students), Youth (18 and under) and the newest, Education and Training.

MN Cup Ribbon with Ruth Bachman on Website

Our group felt energized after the evening event hosted at the Carlson School of Management. There was so much excitement in the hall and many of the ideas were quite brilliant. The connections and access to dedicated mentors will be invaluable as groups are guided towards the next round. Winning a portion of the $500,000 prize money will feed many bubbling ideas.

MN Cup
“A startup competition and hub to connect Minnesota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We support emerging entrepreneurs through events, educational programming and an annual startup competition that provides them with tools, resources, and support to launch and accelerate the development of their new ventures.”

Melanie & TJ presenting at MN CUP

ClipDifferent 1-Minute Pitch
Picture a standard fingernail clipper. This basic design hasn’t changed for over 80 years!!
The thing about fingernail clipping…would you agree that picking up someone else’s nail clippings is pretty gross? Or listening to someone cut their nails is annoying?
And there are even bigger issues… What if you have lost strength in your hands – perhaps you have MS or Parkinson’s, Arthritis, or suffered from a stroke. And what about those who have lost their vision or have the use of only one hand? How do you clip your nails now?
I am sure we know someone who struggles…I have a dear friend who served our country and suffered two terrible accidents. He cannot dress his twins, pull clothes out of the dryer and he certainly cannot clip his own fingernails.
These are just a few of the millions of people we hope to serve.
It is the little things in life that make such a big difference and that is why the ClipDifferent Pro was created.
With a simple touch of a button, the Pro gives users the freedom to operate and trim their nails safely and independently…with no mess.
The Pro is the first of many products developed by ClipDifferent, a General Benefit Corporation, whose main goal is to bring innovative products to the market while giving back to our community and our partners.
So please join us in our new movement…to ClipDifferent and help us help others.
Our team is honored to be a part of such a vibrant group of businesses representing the Minneapolis & St. Paul area as well as greater Minnesota. It is such a great opportunity and our state is rich with opportunities! Thank you, MN Cup, for including us and making part of the ClipDifferent story a reality.
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