Powering Up: Top Tech Trends to Watch For in 2024

Top Tech trends coming up!!

A Glimpse Into the Future: Top Tech Trends of 2024

As we say goodbye to 2023, one thing we know will not get left behind is the continuous unfolding of technological innovations that will continue to shape and change the way we navigate the world. This upcoming year holds so much potential for transformative advancements, and we are so here for it! So let’s dig into some of the tech trends that we’ll be seeing in 2024

Virtual Try-on Experiences

This is going to redefine how consumers can shop in the future. Have you ever been online shopping, and you know you really want to buy this one pair of jeans you’ve been dying to get your hands on, but you don’t know what in the world you would wear it with?  With programs like PictoFit, brands can now offer virtual try-ons with their clothing, to help buyers make faster decisions, and result in fewer returns.

Woman virtually trying on shoes using virtual reality

Example of a virtual shopping experience

What really makes virtual programs like this even better, is the satisfaction that customers can get from knowing they will LOVE what they purchased online. A Google blog, titled “Virtually try on clothes with a new AI shopping feature” says that 42% of online shoppers don’t feel represented by the images/models shown online, and that 59% of online shoppers feel dissatisfied with the purchase after trying it on, and realizing it does not look how they expected it to.

We truly cannot wait to see how these virtual reality and augmented reality shopping experiences expand into our day to day experiences.

Extended Reality

As we discuss virtual try on experiences as an upcoming tech trend, which is a perfect example of extended reality, it makes you wonder what other things similar to this technology can do. Extended reality is a term that is used to describe the merging of real world, and virtual reality.  You might ask yourself “why would we need to do that?”. And at first thought, it does seem silly. What is the purpose of combining a real world to a “fake” one? But the opportunities are endless.

Extended reality is going to be a great tool in the workplace. With extended reality, employers can now provide training tools that are hyper realistic to help figure out solutions to problems, or learn how to respond to life-or-death situations without putting anyone at risk. Not only does extended reality offer amazing training opportunities but it also serves as a way to bring back the synergy between coworkers that we once had prior to COVID-19.  With so many remote employees in today’s workplaces, extended reality can offer a way for workers who are in different locations, feel like they are in the same room together.

Other examples of extended reality include being able to virtually walk through a home before purchasing, or similarly to virtual try-on, getting the chance to see what furniture will look like in your home before you make the big decision to purchase.

image of app, that shows what furniture looks like in a room while online shopping

Example of extended reality

Smart Grooming

The era of smart grooming is here. The era where technology can smoothly integrate with our daily routines to offer more efficiency and a touch of luxury. Not only do smart grooming products offer efficiency but they also redefine accessibility. They offer features that cater to various needs with features like voice activation control, and personalized settings.

We put together a list of some of the coolest smart grooming devices to be on the lookout for:

  1. Connected Hair Clippers: Hair clippers equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to customize cutting lengths through a mobile app or voice commands for a personalized and accessible haircut. One of the coolest smart clippers we’ve seen are the CutCam Clippers. These clippers have a camera on them, that connects to an app so you can see the back of your head and everything you are cutting! We wish we learned about this during the Pandemic!
  2. AI-Powered Toothbrushes: Toothbrushes with artificial intelligence that adapt brushing patterns based on individual needs, ensuring optimal oral care for users with varying abilities. Oral B has come out with their iO Series 9 Electric Toothbrush. This is so much more than just an electric toothbrush. This device, which also comes with an app, has 7 different cleaning modes, along with AI Brushing Recognition and 3D Teeth Tracking.
  3. Smart Skincare Devices: Devices that analyze skin conditions, recommend personalized skincare routines, and provide real-time feedback, catering to diverse skin types and accessibility requirements.
  4. Voice-Activated Hair Dryers: Hair dryers with voice recognition technology, enabling users to control heat and airflow settings through simple voice commands, ensuring a safe and accessible styling experience.
  5. Adaptive Nail Care Devices: Nail care devices with electric powered features, make it easier for users with dexterity challenges to achieve precise and comfortable nail grooming. Lil Nipper offers our handheld line of clippers, coming from the same patented technology that we used to develop the ClipDifferent pro (the true adaptive device), that can sit on the countertop for those with the use of only one hand. Shop our products here.
  6. AR-Enabled Makeup Mirrors: Makeup mirrors equipped with augmented reality technology, allowing users to virtually try on different makeup looks, making the process accessible and enjoyable for everyone.
  7. Smart Mirrors with Accessibility Features: Mirrors integrated with accessibility features, such as voice-guided instructions for grooming routines, adjustable lighting, and magnification options for users with visual impairments. Atforma is a brand that really stands out as a luxurious example for both #6, and #7. Their smart mirrors include Apple and Samsung technology that quite literally turns your mirror into the closest thing you can get to a smart phone. You can listen to music in the shower using this mirror, you get beautiful LED lighting for that perfect makeup look, and you can even de-fog the mirror quickly after a shower with a heat setting.

With all of the technology advancements we’ve seen over the last few years, and the tech trends that are to follow, 2024 is looking to be a promising year that will provide us all with newfound efficiency, luxury, accessibility and inclusivity, and we can’t wait to watch it all play out. Stay tuned to see how ClipDifferent will embrace these innovations and move into the future of this world of technology.

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