What Does Isolation Mean to You? Gifts for Seniors 2019

Gifts for Seniors Gift Barrels. Give a gift and a visit to a senior who is experiencing isolation

Isolation of Minnesota Seniors

For thousands of Seniors, it means lost connection. Little by little their world becomes more isolated, as a spouse passes, friends move, mobility lessens, or as Glenda’s case, when her favorite Pastor retired. With each lost connection, the world for a senior becomes a little more alone. Every day!

Gifts for Seniors provides donated gifts and life-affirming personal contact to isolated seniors in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and surrounding communities through the engagement and support of dedicated volunteers and community partners. Last year, Gifts for Seniors served more than 5,600 seniors who experience isolation in the Twin Cities and seven-county metro area with the help of donations, 254 community partners, and countless volunteers.

Because of the charitable donations to #ClipDifferentCares, 30 devices were given to Gifts for Seniors so members within their community suffering from cumbersome nail care now have more independence. And that’s just the start. Through the ClipDifferent matching program (50% of all donations) givers are finding the personal and impactful gift of nail independence rewarding. ClipDifferent has been focused on giving since day one…it’s in our family’s DNA.

Consider putting some of your donation dollars to a rewarding cause that helps people gain a little more freedom and gives connection by building community. Every dollar donated, ClipDifferent will match 50%. If you work for a company that also matches donations, we’ll match both…with a smile. Through your contributions and fine organizations like Gifts for Seniors, every time a recipient trims their fingernails, they can feel a little less isolated because the ClipDifferent community helped.

Help make people living their elder years feel more love and connection to the community. Your gift has the potential to change a life. Donate now!

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