Woman’s Day – 36 Unique Gifts for New Grandparents That They Will Treasure

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This blog features a ton of great gifts for new grandparents ranging from sweet memorabilia like picture frames and photo albums to unique ways to announce your pregnancy to the soon-to-be grandparents.

Now, you might think that our feature in this list would be an adult-sized Lil Nipper, considering these gifts are for grandparents. But the writers of this blog took a unique take on featuring us. They instead, chose the infant Lil Nipper, which is a great idea for grandparents who are around often enough to help out with some of the everyday tasks that come with caring for a baby.

Introducing Lil Nipper, the electric automatic fingernail clipper - a user-friendly tool for effortless nail trimming, perfect for infants & toddlers.

They write “When grandparents are tasked with helping groom baby, it can be a petrifying task. No one wants to accidentally clip their grandchild’s finger, and sometimes that anxiety can also trickle down to the kid being groomed. This rechargeable, safe, automatic nail clipper made by Lil Nipper will help. It comes in three different sizes (infant, child, and adult), all with a soft on/off button, built-in LED light, and side panels for easy gripping.”

Some of our other favorite features of this blog include the Wellow Willow Custom Wood Family Tree and the CoffeeBucketCo Grandpa or Grandma Pregnancy Announcement Mug. The Wellow Willow Family tree is a sweet unique way to have your family tree on display as a piece of artwork in your home. This could also be a gift that gets passed down to grandkids as they get older so they know more about their family history.

CoffeeBucketCo grandma pregnancy announcement mug

We love the pregnancy announcement mug too. With 6 different colors and style combinations you can also customize the year that grandparents were established as grandma or grandpa. So cute! Read the full Woman’s Day blog here

ClipDifferent by Lil Nipper ~ The World's First Manufacturer of Adaptive Automatic Electric Fingernail Clippers

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