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We’re a small family-owned business in Minnesota that creates innovative products that bring independence and confidence to people’s lives.

ClipDifferent Family

Electric Fingernail Clippers for All Bodies, Ages, and Abilities

Products made with purpose: to help you live a fuller, more enriching life.

Our automatic nail clippers provide a safe and effortless nail cutting experience for infants & toddlers, kids, adults, seniors, and people of varying mobility. As a General Benefit Corp, we commit to giving a higher standard of purpose, accountability, and transparency to our community.

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ClipDifferent Pro

Adaptive one-handed solution

Say goodbye to the difficulty and frustration of using traditional nail clippers. ClipDifferent Pro is an adaptive automatic nail clipper designed to bring independence to those that have the use of only one hand. The safest and easier solution on the market…guaranteed.

How to use

Using the USB cable, fully charge the Lil Nipper prior to first use. The LED indicator light will blink while charging and stop blinking when charged.

  1. Press the On/Off button.
  2. Insert nail tip into nail-slot.
  3. Pivot finger or Lil Nipper to make a nice rounded trim. Tip the finger angle to adjust nail length.
  4. Slide the bottom panel to dispose of your nail clippings.

Patented Technology

Designed with safety as a top priority! The stainless steel blade moves continuously up and down behind the safety faceplate and nail slot, ensuring a risk-free trimming experience without any chance of injury."

Smooth Results

The scissor-like cutting motion leaves nails with a smooth finish. Nail clippings dispense into a compartment with sliding cover for easy disposal.


You can get a ClipDifferent Pro at no cost to you.


Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

Love this little guy! Best nail clipper I have ever had. I'm 77 years old and have had a bunch of them. Well worth the money.

2 months ago
Skylar B.
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

We really enjoy this thing! My husband wanted to buy this and the child one and they both are amazing, do much better than I was expecting 💓

3 months ago
Steve Turska
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

Works great some people say it’s loud but I don’t think so
Not as loud as electric shaver and does a great job on my dads nails

5 months ago
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

Good for on the go. Just need a water bottle on hand.

6 months ago
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

It works nice. It does the job.

6 months ago
Owen Huw Foster Roberts
Verified Lil Nipper OwnerVerified Lil Nipper Owner

I have MS and hand dexterity/clawing – and I finally managed to cut my own nails after several years having to ask for help/someone else to do it. Thank you!

7 months ago

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