8 Ways Assistive Technology Creates an Easier Day-to-Day Experience for People With Disabilities

Fraser Logo "8 ways assistive technology creates an easier day to day experience for people with disabilities

Why We Love Assistive Technology!

Fraser is a Minnesota, Non-Profit, organization that serves families and individuals living with diverse, intellectual, emotional, or physical needs. Their vision statement says “A more inclusive and equitable world where people of all abilities have the opportunities, resources, and systems that empower them to realize their dreams and thrive.” In their recent blog “8 Ways Assistive Technology Creates an Easier Day-to-Day Experience for People With Disabilities”, we were lucky enough to be featured!

Our nail clippers were featured among some other great products and tips such as an organizational tip called “picture schedule”, where the idea is that you consider using images on a calendar rather than words.  This can help individuals with intellectual disabilities who may struggle with executive functioning.  Some tasks such as getting ready in the morning, getting dressed and brushing your teeth can be challenging.  “A picture schedule helps increase your, or your loved one’s independence and participation. It also lets your loved one know what’s happening next, which can make transitions easier and less stressful.” says the blog.

clipart image of kid getting dressed

As we move down the list, let’s read what Fraser has to say about our nail clippers!

“ClipDifferent is an adaptive nail care tool for people with sensory needs, cognitive needs, arthritis, limb differences, and many other life experiences. According to their website, its an “automated nail clipper” that lets you place, trim, and go.”  The founder Tom McMullen Jr. created the product after “his wife Trudy was diagnosed with progressive health issues, and Tom searched for ways to make her life easier.” Creating an easy-to-use nail clipper was one of Tom’s solutions.”

Some of the other products suggested in this blog are water flossers, and adjustable desks/tables.  To read more about these products and tips, the full blog can be found here

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