Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Brain Awareness Month – How YOU Can Make a Difference

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Take action today. There is much we can do for Alzheimer’s Patients.

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month, the perfect time to take action, spread awareness, and inspire others to join in the fight. First, we must educate ourselves and others about Alzheimer’s and dementia. Simply put, Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. Of course, things aren’t that simple in life. Living with this disease changes a person right in front of your eyes. It’s seeing a family member not remember who you are. It’s knowing a brilliant neighbor that can’t remember how to use a fork. It’s a disease that is very common and worsens over time. It is devastating. 

The stats and future predictions regarding Alzheimer’s and dementia are even more concerning. With a growing aging population, many experts believe we will be overwhelmed with this disease in the near future. 

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How You Can Help!

Go Purple

The Alzheimer’s Association has made it easy for anyone to help spread the word this month. Purple is the official color of the Alzheimer’s movement. So why not Go Purple? Change your Facebook profile picture by adding a purple #ENDALZ frame. You just might inspire others to do the same. It is about the little things that make a big difference.

Share Your Story

Share your personal stories on social media during June (or any time of the year) to help others see how many are affected and how important it is to raise awareness. You are not alone and getting the support and love you need will mean wonders for you and your loved ones. Use the hashtags #ENDALZ and #EndAlzheimers and tag @alzassociation when sharing.

Need some inspiration?

  • Post a picture of you and a loved one that has Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Share a picture of you holding a sign stating “For My Mom” or your Aunt, or your Grandpa – whoever you are fighting for
  • Talk about a moment of joy you had with a loved one – maybe they love seeing butterflies or listening to old-time music
  • Tell the world what makes your loved one special
  • Show how you are helping with the cause
  • Share tips and things that you do with your loved one that is battling this disease. Sometimes the best ideas come from others and we are all in this together.




Take Action

The Alzheimer’s Association has your back! They are the best resource for everything you need to know about Alzheimer’s and spreading awareness. Now is the time to take action. Whether your contribution is big or small – it is helping. Follow The Alzheimer’s Association on their social media channels to stay on top of news and events (FACEBOOKTWITTERINSTAGRAM). Consider donating directly to the cause. Or find a way to volunteer. You can dive in many ways. From helping with support groups, volunteering for clinical trials, or making a difference locally the Alzheimer’s Association can direct you to a multitude of opportunities. 

So let’s get moving. Let’s get going. Let’s make a difference – together to #ENDALZ!

Article in honor of Christian Jahnke, passed from Dementia and the Father-in-Law of Tom McMullen, Creator of ClipDifferent products

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