Better Times are Coming with ClipDifferent – 2018

Better times, clip different pro being used with person with limb difference

Better Times Are Coming

Guest Post from Jennifer Miller (Director of Business Development)

Like many of our beta testers, I can now happily divide my life into before and after using a ClipDifferent Automatic Nail Clipper. Here’s a story from my “pre-ClipDifferent” life that the majority of you will recognize.

It wasn’t all that long ago that I started to noticed my fingernails were getting a little longer than I like, so I opened the drawer of the vanity in the bathroom to fetch my favorite metal fingernail clipper. You know, the one that’s not too big and the one that’s not too flimsy? Anyway, I couldn’t find it. I found three others I don’t like as much; including the one that’s about ready to break, so I threw it away.

I opened the other vanity drawer and found my favorite metal clipper buried under the white tube of peppermint toothpaste (Darn kids – and gross that it was by the toothpaste!). I grabbed the middle-sized metal clipper out of its toothpaste tomb and went to clip the ring finger on my left hand, but it was a little slippery since I had just put lotion on my hands a few minutes before. I washed the lotion off my hands and towel dried them so I could trim my nails.

Positioning the ancient tool just so in my right hand (I happen to be left handed), I squeezed and winced with my eyes open waiting for that expected outcome…the click sound and a high-flying fingernail clipping that I needed to keep track of (I can’t stand finding stray fingernail clippings on the bathroom floor, or worse yet, near the sink!).

After a squeeze and another adjustment squeeze, I heard the pop sound and my clipping fell onto the counter. I whisked it into my other hand and threw it away right away; that way I only have to keep track of one clipping at a time. Anyhow I squeezed and winced and clipped and threw away a couple more times on that one nail. It still felt like my nail was a little rough and since I didn’t want it to catch on my fancy sweater I was wearing, I dug around for a file.

Surprisingly the nail file was where it was supposed to be (apparently, my kids don’t file their nails). A few back-and-forths with a grimace on my face (I don’t like the way filing feels) and my nail felt smooth. After squeezing and wincing and clipping and throwing away and filing about 27 more times, I was finally done. And I consider myself pretty coordinated!

I won’t miss that little metal clipper thing or the hassle of clipping my nails this way. Better times are coming with ClipDifferent!

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