Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 91st Birthday – Rose McGee & Uplifting Comfort Pies

Pie Making for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Sweet Potato Comfort Pies

How does a movement and community around the conversation about race get built by listening to the voice within, “go bring Ferguson some sweet potato pies“? The movement unfolds every day across ​the country ​over coffee and through conversation. The community is built by loving-kindness and welcoming nature of diversity.

Comfort Pie Poem
From the community of Golden Valley, Minnesota to wherever you reside, may this sweet potato pie soothe and warm your insides.

Take time to laugh, cry and remember those you love, but never forget your strength that comes from above.

From family to community and community to your heart unity and peace is where comfort and joy start.

So today be BLESSED, remember to eat, pray and love as you partake in making a difference, for there is much to be proud of.

Enjoy! ~Pasto Roslyn Harmon

The Event: Dr. Martin Luther King ​Weekend in honoring his 91st birthday

​Saturday 1/18: 8:30-3:00 91 pies were made
Sunday/ 1/19: 2:00-4:30​ Conversation around who within the community will receive the pies
Past recipients: Firefighters, veterans, teachers, shelters, or anyone needing comfort.
The creation of each pie, a ​community of volunteers worked together​. Preparing, mixing, baking, packing, and delivering​ to prep, mix, bake, pack, and deliver in the ​celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.​ 
“Sweet potato pie is the ‘sacred dessert’ of Black people, and it has power. Not only does it give us energy, this pie links us to history, it soothes our spirits and renews us for the much- needed work.”​ ​~ Rose McGee, Original Comfort Pie Baker
​Learn more about Rose and the movement that’s building around sweet potato pies.

Julie Kendrick @ Minnesota Good Age

Amy Melin @ TPT

It was an honor to meet, volunteer, and witness first-hand the energy behind these conversations. Thank you!

Many of the photos courtesy of Chrissy Widmayer

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