Automatic Nail Clippers for Australians Living With a Disability

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Innovative Automatic Nail Clippers for Australians Embracing Disabilities

This just in for Australians! – The Australian Government has taken significant steps since 2010 supporting a better life for people living with a disability. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was officially established in 2013 and since has assisted 400K people to live more independently.

“Our role is to implement the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which will benefit hundreds of thousands of Australians with a significant and permanent disability and will provide support for their families and carers. Anyone who has or might acquire a disability will have a new safety net to rely on, as the National Disability Insurance Scheme will offer peace of mind for every Australian.”

If you or a loved one is part of the NDIS program or needs help managing their fingernails, welcome. ClipDifferent is here and is a resource offering two automatic nail clippers for people who have a hard time using the traditional clippers or depend on outside nail care assistance. Both devices, child & adult, were developed with you in mind giving a safe and independent solution at the touch of a button.

ClipDifferent Automatic Nail Clippers:

A patent-pending adaptive device used by people of all abilities for nail care. The nail-slot prevents skin from coming into contact with the trimming mechanism and is so safe most users are at ease looking away. The device also catches the nail clippings in a drawer, eliminating any mess. Each trimmer contains a high-capacity rechargeable battery that can last months between charges. 

Huge shout out to all the fine people in Australia and the Australian Government for creating the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Through the NDIS program, people living with disabilities can have an independent nail care solution. And many already have.

Not only does your land provide some of the most spectacular landscapes, culture, and resources – Australia residents live with some of the most authentic kindnessAustralia Tourism ran an effective ad during the Superbowl LII (hosted in ClipDifferent’s home city Minneapolis ) featuring Crocodile Dundee’s son, Brian.

See the video.

The level of care and simplicity by Australians and NDIS is unprecedented. ClipDifferent is extremely grateful for everyone who has welcomed these devices into your homes and facilities. 

Our ClipDifferent community is glad that there is such an amazing organization like NDIS that services and dedicated to making life for people with disabilities and their families easier. 

When a new user purchases an automatic nail clipper from the International section, devices usually arrive within 2-3 weeks. ClipDifferent can provide a receipt/invoice used to submit for reimbursement. If you need assistance, please reach out. We welcome conversation, questions, or new opportunities to help.

With love from the ClipDifferent Family 

NOTE: Devices usually arrive ready to use but at some point a outlet adaptor will be needed to give your device a two hour re-charge.

Editors Note: The post originally published in September 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and more sparkle.

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