Is this the Best Nail Clipper in 70 Years?

Woman holding ClipDifferent Pro the "Best nail clipper in the world"

The New Way to Trim Your Fingernails

Picture your standard types of fingernail clippers. They are typically made from steel, a few inches long, with a compound lever that creates enough pressure between blades to cut a fingernail. That basic design hasn’t changed for over 70 years now!

Now, if you can, imagine you have MS or Parkinson’s and fine motor dexterity is nothing but an everyday challenge. Or maybe you are a baby boomer with advancing arthritis or decreasing vision and what used to be a simple task is now becoming a lot more difficult. Or perhaps you are missing a limb and it is literally impossible to trim your nails without asking for help (and often paying for it).

Or maybe you just hate the messy, sometimes painful, process of clipping your fingernails. Trust us, you’re not alone.

Enter the ClipDifferent Pro: quite possibly one of the easiest-to-use and best nail clippers on the planet.

ClipDifferent ProYears in the making, the ClipDifferent Pro incorporates patent-pending technology, a revolutionary safe-tech trimming mechanism, a no-mess drawer that keeps nails from flying everywhere, and a rechargeable battery than can lasts months between charges.

We understand that the standard nail clipper hasn’t changed much for a simple reason – it’s an elegantly simple device that works for most people. We didn’t create the ClipDifferent Pro for most people. We created it for those who need it the most.

Are you interested in finding out what makes the ClipDifferent Pro one of the best nail clippers available?

For a limited time, we’re knocking $30 off the retail price. Pre-order yours now.

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